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Craft of Resume Writing : Do’s and Don’ts

Are you searching for a job? Job search can be a daunting task. A resume is the most important marketing document in job search. It is very crucial to format your resume properly to seek attention of the hiring managers. The hiring managers are in lookout for a particular skillset. So, matching the right skillset in your resume is the primary point.

A perfect piece of resume will definitely help you to get your dream job. We are presenting some useful tips which will help you make a worthy resume or curriculum vitae(CV).


  1. Always add a summary or resume title : Summarize your skillset and years of experience. It is like an immediate attention grabber. Put it on top of your resume.
  2. Highlight your achievements : List down all the major achievements. It can be professional as well as personal achievement.
  3. Mention your professional skills : Add all the relevant professional skillset you have learned. Also, do mention any tools you have used in your work.
  4. Mention soft skills : Soft skills like leadership, communication, punctuality etc. are also very important and should be mentioned in your resume.
  5. Give details of each project you have worked : We often mention the name of the project worked but we miss out on the details. Always add details like  your roles and responsibilities in the project and impact of the project.(quantitative data may be useful)
  6. Add references : Adding contacts of people you have worked with is important as Employers tend to conduct a background check.
  7. Highlight the year for education as well as professional experiences: Mention the duration of work experiences as well as the duration of study.
  8. Choose simple and clear format: A resume don’t need to be funny. Keep it simple and all the points should be clearly mentioned. Use consistent fonts.
  9. Include Contact Information and preferred time : Always add contact numbers, email id and preferred time to contact.
  10. Proofread and keep it updated: Do a thorough spell and grammar check. Also, keep the resume up to date regularly by adding any new skillsets or achievements.

resume checklist


  1. Never Exaggerate: Don’t add any skillset or experience just for show off purpose. It may prove negative in future.
  2. Don’t Add too many personal details: Never add personal details like weight, height, complexion, PAN, Passport number etc. as these details are irrelevant.
  3. Never add salary details : It is not a good idea to add salary information in your resume. Salary is a personal thing and can be revealed only if it is necessary.
  4. Don’t make the resume very lengthy: Keep the resume short as a lengthy resume may be irritating. Keep the resume to one or two pages maximum.
  5. Do not add fancy text effects: A fancy text is always distracting. Use normal text and underline or bold to highlight as needed.
  6. Do not hide gaps : Gaps are part of one’s professional journey. So, never try to hide a gap. Be honest with whatever you mention.

A well polished resume will help you get more interviews and also helps you boost your confidence and self belief. MeritUp helps you to prepare a well formatted resume as per your skill set and career path. Do reach our experts and we will help you prepare a great resume!

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