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Himani Mehta is an internationally certified Image Consultant and a Soft Skills Trainer who believes in the mantra “Change starts from within”. With an extensive experience of more than 5 years in training college students & working professionals, She strongly believe that each & every person has the ability to transform one’s life in a beautiful & successful way by realizing their true capabilities.
Read More She is an effective communicator & a firm follower of the fact that first impression should always be the best, hence it is pivotal to be presentable at all times as it helps one to take new challenges in life with ease and positivity. She works with educational institutions, corporates & ngo’s. Her sessions are conducted in a highly participatory environment, where every attendee feels energized and self-motivated at the end of the session. I always ensure to include role-plays during my sessions to make them interactive and lively. She is an expert in personality development, image management, effective communication and employability skills. I take complete ownership in enhancing & elevating the skills set of the candidates with whom She is involved. Empowering individuals and enriching their skill set is my true calling. She is a passionate about helping individuals to become better version of themselves and unleashing the power within. I strive to strengthen their motivation and guide them towards the establishment of their credibility whilst getting rid of their inhibitions in the process.
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The Premium Course is tailor-made by Merit Up to get a wholesome grip on essential soft skills. In this course, you will learn tactful communication skills, body language appropriation, complete personality development, public speaking eloquence, business writing etiquette, PowerPoint presentation skills, exceptional negotiation skills, collaboration, teamwork, inspiring leadership skills, emotional intelligence, critical thinking development, time management skills, and the art of decision making.

This course also helps you to master customer relationship management, client relationship management, conflict management skills, confidence-boosting social skills, personal values, corporate ethics, professional corporate etiquette, self-grooming, personal hygiene, insights into work-life balance, self-analysis, self-presentation, the job jargon know-how, resume writing, cover letter customization, job networking on LinkedIn & other platforms, result-oriented interview techniques, group discussion tips, and mock interviews.


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