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Top 7 Leadership Skills to be an Effective Leader

Leadership skills are one of the key aspect of one’s career path. Be it a corporate environment or a startup, a good leadership skill is an absolute necessity. A person may have good technical skills but if he lacks leadership, it will be a barrier for his/her growth path. Merit Up provides the right set of courses to become a successful leader.

Enhancing leadership quality is not a one time process but it involves constant learning. There are some core areas of leadership which we can focus on. Listed are the key qualities commonly seen in a good leader.

        1. Be ready to Take Initiative

Be ready to take charge of any activity. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to improve. The more work you do, the more you are learning. Learning more and taking on more responsibility will eventually help move you into a leadership role at your workplace.

         2.Listen carefully 

It is very important to listen to others. When we listen to others, we understand them more. Also, Listening shows respect and gain a sense of trust.  It helps to build rapport and demonstrates that you care about others and their ideas. Listening is reciprocal, and leaders can model this behavior. Thus, listening is a powerful tool for increasing influence and improving relationships at work. An effective listener can also become a good influencer.

      3. Constant Learning

We should be always open to learning. A continuous learning will help you to expand your learning path and grow skills. The learning can be formal or informal, but it helps us broaden our vision and horizon.



4. Be a problem solver

Problems are a part of life. A lot depends of how we handle the problem and the associated pressure.  We must tackle the root cause of a problem. If a problem is complex, then we must break it into smaller chunks and solve each small problems. Thus, people will approach us whenever they face problems and we can guide them with our experience.

    5. Think out-of-the-Box

Creative thinking is one of the core feature of a good leader. We stand out in the crowd when we have wider approach and thinking capability. It shows that we are not following the conservative path and those who are brave enough to experiment are more prone to achieve success. In order to be able to think differently, we need to be a good reader. Cultivate reading skills and enrich your thinking power.

   6.  Ask for Feedback

Don’t be shy to take opinions and feedback. Take honest reviews and work on it to improve our missing skills. This will definitely give us more confidence. A positive feedback can be taken as a reward but negative feedback should be taken as constructive criticism.

   7. Grow your Network

Building a diverse network of personal contacts will help to get the support, feedback, insight, resources and information that is necessary for leaders to tackle current and unforeseen challenges. Initiate healthy discussion of topics of similar interests and value each and every opinion.

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