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What Are Soft Skills? Why Are They Important For Job Interviews?

Many wish for the ability to interact easily and efficiently with people. We occasionally hear someone saying, her body radiated confidence or he can easily talk his way out of tight corners. These are the skills that set a person apart from a crowd. Such skills make someone notice you. Possessing such skills makes for a good impression in job interviews.

Some call them people skills or social skills or core skills, but mostly they are known as soft skills. Do you think such skills come naturally to these people? Maybe or maybe not. However, it is not a hard task to learn, practice, and eventually master these skills. Merit Up online soft skills courses strive to make this happen. So let’s take a deeper dive into soft skills and their importance in job interviews.

What are soft skills?

Any skill that can be labeled as a personality trait falls under the huge umbrella of soft skills. These behavioral traits help people to socialize constructively with each other. These skills will help you to get well along with others and thereby build positive relationships.

Hard skills such as technical knowledge are comparatively easy to quantify and can be proven too. Whereas, soft skills are often intangible and had to be felt. While the former enables a person to get things done, the latter adds a touch of elegance to it. It is often said that the hard skills will get you an interview but the soft skills enable you to land the job and continue keeping it.

Possessing the hard skills needed to excel in your chosen career is only the first step to being the best at your workplace. In addition to these hard skills, having the soft skills required to sustain and build that chosen career is the next step.

In order to acquire the soft skills that make you interview-ready, it is even more vital to know about the various soft skills. Having this knowledge helps to identify the skills you are good at and the skills that need some work from your end. 

Top 20 soft skills that are important for a job interview

  1. Tactful Communication Skills
  2. Body Language Appropriation
  3. Public Speaking Eloquence
  4. Business Writing Etiquette
  5. Thought Presentation Skills
  6. Exceptional Negotiation Skills
  7. Collaboration & Teamwork
  8. Inspiring Leadership Skills
  9. Emotional Intelligence
  10. Critical Thinking
  11. Time Management Skills
  12. The Art Of Decision Making
  13. Conflict Management Skills
  14. Confidence Boosting Social Skills
  15. Personal Values & Corporate Ethics
  16. Professional Corporate Etiquette
  17. Self Grooming & Personal Hygiene
  18. Work-Life Balance
  19. Self Analysis & Self Presentation
  20. Networking & Relationship Management

Why are soft skills important for job interviews?

You can be in any position, with any company, and in any industry. You will have to work with other people. Taking the time to develop effective soft skills will not only make landing your dream job reality but also enables you to keep it. So it is essential to build soft skills in the initial stages of your career to maximize your career prospects.  

Nearly every candidate who applies for a job has similar hard skills and expertise. So what sets you apart from the other candidates in the eyes of an interviewer are your soft skills. Soft skills lend credibility to a person who can communicate confidently and clearly. These skills are so vital that they often become the deciding factor between you and your competition. However, no interviewer will be asking about soft skills directly. They look for a through your verbal and nonverbal communication.

If you wish to develop these soft skills there are many ways to achieve this. You can enroll in an institution that specializes in softs skills development. You can self teach yourself or ask an expert you know for tips & techniques. You can also choose an online soft skill course that suits your needs the most. Merit Up is a live learning online platform that offers online soft skills courses tailored to success by the best tutors in India.

As professional soft skills guru, Merit Up, primarily focus on your best personality traits and teach you how to pitch yourself highlighting these skills to your interviewer. Secondarily, we focus on identifying the soft skills that need improvement and help you work on it.

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